Mercedes and Lucas Married!-Huntington Indiana Photographer

Mercedes and Lucas Married!

Mercedes and Lucas were married in an outdoor ceremony at The Near Getaway in Wabash Indiana. This beautiful location lent itself for some gorgeous photographs of the ceremony and bridal party. The wooded area with the beautiful lake made for a perfect backdrop for the wedding and the photographs.

We would like to extend our best wishes to this lovely couple.

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Cassandra and Scott Married-Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

Cassandra & Scott Married in Warsaw

Cassandra and Scott were married at their church in Warsaw Indiana on a cloudy Saturday. Since they were getting ready, having the ceremony and reception all in the same place, Cassie wasn’t worried about the weather at all! Good planning, Cassie!

The ceremony attended by family and friends included lighting a unity candle. Then everyone headed downstairs to the reception while we did group photos. After the cake cutting and visiting with everyone, Cassandra and Scott exited to a flurry of bubbles.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

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Kayla & Jonathan married!-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Kayla and Jonathan were married in an outdoor ceremony at the Goegleins Homestead in Fort Wayne, IN. The Garden Grove was beautiful, if not a bit warm on this June Sunday.

Cowboy boots and lace meshed perfectly for this couple. Their reception upstairs of the Homestead was a lively event. The attendants and the bride’s brother performed special dances for the entertainment of the guests.

Best Wishes to Kayla and Jonathan!

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Brooke & Esteven Married!-Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

Brooke And Esteven were married in a lovely church ceremony in Warsaw on a bright sunny day in June. Their wedding party included seven adorable children.

Their reception was held at the Knights of Columbus in Warsaw.

Best wishes from all of us at WTP to this happy couple.


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Melinda and Jacob Married!-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Melinda and Jacob were married in a beautiful ceremony at Saint Joseph church in Fort Wayne. After the ceremony the bridal party was carried downtown in a Hummer Limo.

We did some photos in front of the Embassy Theater and Botanical Gardens. Then everyone climbed back into the Hummer, but it didn’t go anywhere! The limo broke down, so we all hung around until they got it started. Unfortunately they couldn’t use the air conditioning so it was a little toasty for them. They roughed it out and we stopped at the Lakeside Park Rose Gardens and the beautiful Wells street bridge.

Then out to the IPFW Ballroom for the reception where we dined on authentic Mexican food. Dancing and cake cutting then the tosses rounded out our evening.

Best wishes to Melinda and Jacob!


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