Amber and Rob Married!-Watervilet Michigan Wedding Photographer

Amber and Rob – A Rustic Wedding in Watervliet, Michigan

Amber found one of the most beautiful venue called Mill Creek Barn in Watervliet Michigan. The girls used a converted chicken coop to get ready in. It was converted into a proper little cabin. Each of the girls wore boots with their knee length gowns. The guys wore vests over their dress shirts.

Amber had a list of photos she wanted, which helped make the day go smoother for all of us. She had some interesting shots she wanted, plus we improvised by using the available surroundings and even a wagon. Before the ceremony we had each of them on either side of a wall so they could have a moment and pray together without seeing each other. Amber and Rob each wrote their own vows, but agreed to read them instead of trying to memorize them. That was a good plan! Rob even took off his hat for the ceremony, and even for some of our photos.

Thank you, Amber and Rob for choosing White Tiger Photographic to photograph your special day.


Best Wishes and Congratulations!



Cassie and Kenny Married-Elkhart Indiana Wedding Photographer

Cassie and Kenny married in Elkhart!

We met Kenny and Cassie at a friends’ wedding a couple years ago. We are so glad that they asked us to photograph their wedding too! We did their engagement shoot around the Notre Dame campus last Fall. Their wedding and reception was fun and interesting!

Cassie had a lot of little touches to make it special, such as chalk board signs for each of the bridesmaids. They wrote on one side how they knew Cassie and on the other something about her. Kenny had his own special touch, just look at the bottom of his shoes!

Kenny’s family is from South Africa, so there was some extra flair and fun added to the proceedings. At the end of the ceremony, his family lined up behind them and sang to the couple as they exited the church. Then, at the reception, the Bridal Party was introduced, then the family lined up behind Cassie and Kenny and they did a line dance into the hall. They sang, danced and tapped their feet together as they entered the room. This was one of the most memorable of entrances we have ever had! There were a lot of special moments, speeches and Kenny even managed to hook the garter on the chandelier!

Thank you Cassie and Kenny for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day! Best Wishes for a wonderful future together!



Jackie and Travis Engaged!-Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer

Jackie and Travis – A Lafayette Engagement Session

Fairfield Lakes is a popular fishing spot outside Lafayette Indiana. We walked along the paths around the lake to and found some different settings for our photos. Tall grass, bushes and trees made for beautiful backgrounds.

Then the fun really began! They had a paint fight! Started out with colored chalk then squirt bottles of paint. Colorful paint on white shirts looks awesome! A big hug to be sure both Jackie and Travis had equal amounts of color, then they used the excess paint to make a sign. We are looking forward to more fun with this couple in September at their wedding.



Jeff and Krista Engaged-Winona Lake Wedding Photogapher

Jeff and Krista Engagement in Winona Lake, IN

We were lucky the rain stopped long enough for us to do a fun session with Jeff and Krista. We started at the stone bridge and worked our way around the park. It is alway nice when the our couple is fun loving and willing to try some different poses and wants to smile! Krista and Jeff brought squirt guns filled with colored water. The colored water on their white shirts looked awesome!

Thanks Krista and Jeff, we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.



April and Matt Married! Akron Indiana Wedding Photographer

April and Matt Married in Akron Indiana

The Akron Community Center is a great place to do it all! The central room has a beautiful fireplace that April and Matt used as an alter. We even used it as the barrier for the bride and groom so they could not see each other, but still have a moment before the ceremony. This was a family affair type of wedding. The couple’s children, siblings and friends were all involved. Our groom’s mom even performed the ceremony. And she did it barefoot, as is her tradition! The three little flower girls did a wonderful job. The ring bearer actually carried a sign that said, “Matt Here comes your love bug!”

While we did photos with the family and bridal party, guests were invited into the small conference room for snacks. Then everyone moved into the large conference room for the reception.

Thank you, April and Matt for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!