Kourtney and Ryan Engaged!-Winona Lake Indiana Wedding Photographer

Kourtney and Ryan Engaged

Kourtney and Ryan chose the Winona Lake park for their engagement shoot.  We joined them and their little boy for their session.  As he is only three, getting him to sit for pictures was not on his agenda!  But we did get some cute ones with him.

We will be seeing Ryan and Kourtney this October in Rochester for their wedding!

Brooke and Craig Engaged! Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Brooke and Craig Engaged in Fort Wayne

Brooke and Ryan ill be married next June at Matea county Park in Fort Wayne Indiana.  They chose to do their engagement shoot at the park.  They even brought their cute dogs to join in the fun.

We look forward to seeing them again next June!

Jamie and Damon Married-Hoagland Indiana Wedding Photographer

The Blending of a Family in Hoagland, Indiana

Jamie and Damon were married at the Eden in Hoagland, Indiana.  This was quite a family affair as their children, family and friends comprised their wedding party.  The whole day was filled with love, happiness and laughter, from the groomsmen’s socks to confetti cannons during the First Dance!

The cake had lovely flowers on one side, and Wonder Woman and Bobofete on the other!  This theme was carried out through their place cards at the head table and during the Newlywed Game.  They used action figures instead of shoes to show who knows who best during the Newlywed Game.

Congratulations to Damon and Jamie and their new family!

Thank you for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!

Maureen and Jason Married-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Maureen and Jason Married in South Bend Indiana

Maureen and Jason were married on a lovely July afternoon at the Saint Jude Catholic Church in South Bend Indiana.  The church has a lovely mosaic mural were we started our group photos.  Then we moved on to a park for some outdoor photos.

Their reception was held at Windsor Park in Mishawaka Indiana.   The pond with its fountain was an inviting location for a few more photos of this loving couple.

Thank you Jason and Maureen for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!  Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both.

Sacred Thread Ceremony-Warsaw Indiana Photographer

Paavan Dave’s Yagnopavit Sanskara – Sacred Thread Ceremony
The Sacred Thread Ceremony is how a boy of about nine years of age accepts his spiritual identity.  The ceremony is seen as a second birth, where he accepts a spiritual teacher as a second father and the “Vedas” as a second mother. The Vedas are the ancient Hindu texts, among the oldest sacred scriptures. During the ceremony, he receives his “janoi” or sacred thread, which he wears for the remainder of his life.
Paavan’s ceremony was held at the Stonehenge Golf Club in Warsaw Indiana.  Purvi, Paavan’s mother, is a personal friend and we were honored to have photographed his event. Purvi and Mayank (Paavan’s father) played an integral role during the ceremony. The priest who performed the ceremony is Purvi’s great-uncle, Anil Bhatt.  While Mr. Bhatt has been a priest in India for over 50 years, this was his first time officiating a thread ceremony.  He and his wife travelled from India to be part of this event.  This is their first time visiting the US.
The ceremony was attended by family and friends, who travelled from different parts of the country and all the way from India.  Symbolic to the shedding of his old life, Paavan’s head was shaved and his clothes changed.  He received generous gifts and blessings from all his elders. 
While we didn’t understand much of what was going on during the ceremony, we are honored to have been a part of it.  Purvi’s family and friends were very helpful and gracious to us.  We even tried Indian food, which Eric liked;  Lynda, not so much!  The colors, symbols and traditions were glorious and beautiful to shoot.  Congratulations Paavan!