Cassie and Chad Married! Niles Michigan Wedding Photographer

Cassie and Chad were married on the last weekend in June. This one was kinda special to me as Niles is my home town and we looked forward to being back among friends! After the wedding we made a quick trip to the River Walk which I hadn’t been to in years and was surprised to see the number of changes that have taken place. Eric did manage to ruin a dress shirt during this one when he tried for a ground level angle and rolled right into a gift left from a goose!!

Thanks again guys for a wonderful day. Lynda and I hope you enjoy the photographs for decades to come!!

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1 thought on “Cassie and Chad Married! Niles Michigan Wedding Photographer

  1. We are sooooo happy with the pictures, they turned our beautiful! Chad and I want to thank both of you for everything! These pictures will be treasured forever!

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