Ally and Ryan Engaged!-Weko Beach Michigan Wedding photographer

Ally and Ryan have been together 3 years and are ready to make it official in 2021. We traveled to Weko Beach in Michigan, where Ryan’s parents camp. There couldn’t have been a more perfect place to capture this couple in the sun, sand, and water. We hope our photos show just how much fun we had and we look forward to their 2021 wedding!

Tim and Michelle Engaged-Michigan City Indiana Wedding Photographer

Meet Tim and Michelle! These two are busy planning their October 2020 wedding. Our first shoot at Brincka Cross Gardens turned out to be a bit chilly, so we followed up with a much warmer additional shoot at Washington Park Beach! The couple got engaged at Disneyland, so of course some Disney props were needed for this engagement session! Mickie and Minnie never looked so good! We look forward to what is sure to be a gorgeous fall wedding!

Melissa and Ryan Engaged!-Winona Lake Indiana Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Ryan Engaged in Bourbon, Indiana
  Ryan and Melissa brought Ryan’s children, Payten and Karson with them for their engagement session at Winona Lake Park. The park is a lovely area where we have always enjoyed shooting.  Having the kids with them was special because they are the ones that actually proposed to Melissa for Ryan.  They asked her to please be their stepmom and marry their dad.
  Melissa and Ryan are doing their best during this uncertain time.  Working in factories, Melissa was recently laid off, while Ryan will be heading back to work soon.  They are forging ahead with plans for their late June wedding.  One good thing about being laid off is plenty of time for wedding arrangements!

Mike and Amanda Engaged! – South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographers

It was the perfect spring day to meet with this ‘RAD’ couple and take some truly perfect photos!

Mike and Amanda met as coworkers. They discovered that they had a mutual love for guns and their relationship took off with a bang! So, it was only fitting that Mike proposed by giving Amanda not only a gorgeous ring, but a gorgeous gun as well (brave man)!

We met them in Berne, Indiana where Amanda’s family owns the Greenfield Mill. After learning some of the mill’s history, we got some amazing shots inside, as well as by the family’s waterfall and covered bridge. We finished the shoot where else? The shooting range of course!

We enjoyed spending the afternoon with this couple and can’t wait to see what “shots” we capture at their July wedding!