Brooke and Josh Engaged-Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

Brooke and Josh met with Michelle and Lynda outside the ice cream shop in Winona Lake, Indiana. We denied the ice cream urge and walked around the village area. There is a lovely gazebo area in the middle of the shops with benches where we began our session. Then we crossed over to the park and used the fountain as a beautiful backdrop. Luckily our couple didn’t mind laying on the ground, which is something we photographers seem to do often!

Brooke had a few poses in mind and we also let the moments inspire us. Engagement sessions are included in our wedding package and we enjoy them. They are a way for us to get to know our couple a little better. This couple was fun and happy to do or try just about any pose we or they thought of. We look forward to seeing them again in June for their Fort Wayne wedding.


Mandi and Chad Engaged!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

We wandered Mishawaka and South Bend with Mandi and Chad on a toasty summer day! We started out at the river walk in Mishawaka. Such a lovely park., just be careful not to sit on one of the built in benches. They don’t seem very safe and it would be a long drop into the river! The park has a lovely path and gazebo, along with the waterfall! Then we went downtown to the East Race area , and it was way too warm and no shade, so we didn’t stay very long. We are looking forward to Mandi and Chad’s wedding next year and thank them for choosing us to capture their day!


Archambault 5

Jennifer and Chad Engaged-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Chad met me at Potato State Creek Park for this wonderful engagement session,and they brought two of the cutest puppies I have ever seen! We had a lovely walk and captured some wonderful images celebrating the upcoming wedding of these two great people!

Hostetler 7

Staci and Brad Engaged-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lakeside Park and Rose Garden was the initial setting for this fun engagement shoot. Our lively couple brought their very photogenic puppy along for their shoot. After wandering the park we headed downtown for a more urban setting.

Best of luck with all your wedding plans! Thank you so much for letting us help preserve your memories.


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Ally and Tony Engaged-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

We met up with Ally and Tony at Lakeside Park and Rose Garden in Fort Wayne for their Engagement Session. We had a lovely time wandering around and were lucky enough to have the flowers in bloom. We are looking forward to being a part of this fun couple’s wedding day!


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