Kristina and Paul Engaged-Valparaiso Indiana Wedding Photographer!

Kristina and Paul Engaged in Valparaiso, Indiana

Kristina and Paul chose Coffee Creek for their engagement session. Coffee Creek is a wonderful area for a shoot. It has so many different features such as water, flowers and structures.

Kristina had on some mile high shoes that matched the purple shirt Paul was wearing. She walked quite a distance in them, switching out to some flats occasionally.

We will be seeing more of this couple in October at their wedding.


Brittney and Justin Engaged-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

It was a bit warmer than usual when we traveled to Lakeside Park for this wonderful duo’s engagement session. As we wandered Lakeside Park we laughed and joked and got to know them, we also captured some beautiful images!

Congrats guys we look forward to capturing your special day!


Jennifer and Ryan Engaged! Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Ryan Engaged

We did a bit of a tour of Fort Wayne with Jennifer and Ryan. We started out at the Wells Street Bridge. This historic bridge has wooden planks and black wrought iron and makes a great background. Then we walked down the path to the park where they were just packing up the rides from the Three Rivers Festival.

Then we hopped in the cars and went across town to Crazy Pins bowling alley. Ryan and Jennifer used to be on a league there, but now just frequent it for fun. We used one of the private bowling suites for some photos.

We look forward to the wedding in October and seeing this fun couple once again.



Amanda and Teodulo Engaged! Lafayette Indiana Wedding Photographer

Amanda and Teodulo engaged in Lafayette

Lafayette’s Fairfield Lakes was were we started with Amanda and Teo. They brought along a friend to wrangle their dog who did very well during pictures. After wandering along the lake we headed into Lafayette to a great park along the river. We had to be quick when we went down along the river, the mosquitos were swarming us!

Hopefully we won’t have to fight too many mosquitos in October at their wedding. Looking forward to seeing Amanda and Teo again.



Emily and Justin Engaged!-Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Photographer

Emily and Justin

For our engagement session with Emily and Justin we went to the Shiojiri Niwa Japanese Gardens in Mishawaka Indiana. Mishawaka has a sister city in Japan called Shiojiri City. This venue provided us with some interesting spaces. The teahouse pavilion, boulders and various plants lent themselves to an interesting walk.

It had rained earlier that day so some things were still a little wet but that didn’t deter our couple. They brought their umbrella and cubs hat just in case it started raining again. We will see this couple again next July.