Brynn and Chris-Marion Indiana Wedding Photographer

A Wedding of the Past!

Brynn and Chris were married during the reenactment of the 1812 Battle of Mississinewa by Marion Indiana.  The Bridal party was all in period costume. The bride’s dress was handmade by one of the reenactment ladies. As the couple had their first kiss, a cannon boomed!  It startled everyone, even those of us who knew it was coming!  As they were being presented to their friends and family as Mr & Mrs, the Indians rushed in and stole the Bride!  They did return her and we went to the Honeywell Center in Wabash for the reception.

We’d like to thank Brynn and Chris for giving us one of the most interesting, and educational, weddings we have ever had!  Best Wishes to this wonderful couple!


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Kiana and Heath Married-Franklin Indiana Wedding Photographer

A Fall Wedding in Historic Franklin, IN

Kiana and Heath were married at Franklin College on a blustery Fall day.  With all of their family and friends in attendance the couple exchanged their vows in an emotional ceremony.  We wandered the grounds for some outside shots of the couple and groups.  It was a little rainy earlier in the day, but we managed to get some awesome shots.  During the reception the couple was presented with a handmade quilt from their church.  After a false start, they performed their first dance that they had choreographed. We have a special connection with this couple, as Kiana will be our new Associate Photographer.  Best Wishes to Kiana and Heath.
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Wyndy and Richard Married!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Wyndy and Richard were married at the family farm on what was an oddly cold day and windy day for September. Despite the conditions the entire group remained upbeat and happy as two families became one!

Thanks Again Guys Rae and I loved spending the day with you!!!