Heather and Andrew Married-Goshen Indiana Wedding Photographer

Heather and Andrew Married in Goshen, Indiana

Heather contacted us after another photographer let her down. We were happy to help out this wonderful couple and photograph their most important day. They had a similar issue with their DJ, and had to replace him too. Despite their last minute issues, their wedding was lovely and heartfelt. With family and friends as attendants and guests, they said their vows in a lovely church ceremony.

The reception was held in Middlebury at Das Essenhaus. The room was decorated beautifully, with the ceiling covered with balloons. Dinner salads were served, then a buffet dinner. Heather’s daughter gave a lovely toast, welcoming Drew into the family and thanking him for being a great stepdad even before it was official. One of the balloons was green, instead of being white or silver like the rest. This one, it was announced, held a special surprise for whoever could pull it down. Some of the kids tried to get it, but couldn’t. Drew picked up one young boy so he could reach it and claim the dollar bill that was inside.

We would like to thank Heather and Andrew for choosing White Tiger Photographic to help them remember their special day. It may have had a rocky start, but they made it a beautiful event.






Catherine and Joshua Married!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Catherine and Joshua Married in South Bend Indiana!

Catherine and her ladies gathered at the beautiful home of Josh’s parents. The house sits back on a quiet little pond and was a wonderful backdrop for our getting ready photos! Then we met up with the groom and groomsmen at a lovely park for our “first look”. We placed Josh on the path, and Catherine walked towards him (in her heels!) for his first glimpse of her in her gorgeous gown and veil. This was the perfect spot for group photos, as the park also has a lake and a rustic looking building. This group was great to work with and not once complained about posing in the humidity or heat. And they were careful not to lose our groom off the back of the truck as they went from location to location!

The church ceremony was attended by many family and friends. Decorations were beautiful, and the flower girls adorable! The couple left in a flurry of bubbles to go to The Brick for their reception. What an awesome venue! If you ever have a chance to go there, be sure to check out the bathrooms, they are interesting! Our photo booth was a big hit with the attendees! They had such fun dressing up! The evening ended with a sparkler send off for our couple.

We thank Catherine and Josh for choosing White Tiger Photographic to photograph their special day. Best Wishes!


Shannon and Jason Married!-Zanesville Indiana Wedding Photographer

Shannon and Jason married!

This had to be the prettiest place for a wedding we have seen in quite awhile. Shannon wanted a country wedding, so her aunt suggested they hold it in her woods. So they built a beautiful deck and benches by the creek. The girls gathered in the house to get ready. The guests and wedding party were driven to the ceremony in carts. The family had to keep changing the path due to the rain, but as long as you kept your feet up they didn’t get too muddy! The rain earlier in the day made it very humid, but it did not rain on the ceremony.

This group was fun and ready to let loose. They took some serious photos then some goofy ones! The reception was held in the tent outside the main house. Dinner was provided for the wedding guests, then the after party was attended by more friends.

Thank you, Shannon and Jason for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day. Best Wishes!



Tim and Julia Married!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Tim and Jullia were married in a wonderful ceremony on an overcast day in late April. Everyone was in high spirits as these two committed to each other and even the slightly rainy and cool weather couldn’t have put a damper on this day!

We had a wonderful time capturing the days events and can’t wait for Julia’s Trash the Dress!!!

Thanks Again Guys! We deeply appreciate it!!


Kristen and Joel Married-Markle Indiana Wedding Photographer

Markle Indiana is a lovely little town and was perfect for the wedding of Kristen and Joel. The ceremony was in their church downtown. The girls dressed downstairs in the youth room. Kristen’s mom helped her get ready. Their wedding party included their siblings and children. Daughter Desi was a lovely Junior Bridesmaid. Son Cole was handsome as a Junior Groomsman and son Travis adorable as Ring Bearer.

After the wedding everyone gathered a few blocks down the street for the reception. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate. While we had the usual events like dancing and cake cutting, this couple threw in a new twist! Actually, it was an old German tradition called Sie Leben Hoch. Leben hoch means toasting the couple with honor and esteem. The bride and groom sit in chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The first part of the toast is performed just before midnight for the Bride and Groom. The leader reads the saying and the guests respond with “Hoch”! Then the bride removes her veil and the groom removes his boutonniere. They are then given special hats to wear, see photo below! Then they are Husband and Wife and the second part of the toast is given. They are then hoisted in the air, in their chairs, and walked through the hall to the bar. This was a fun and different event for the wedding!

We would like to thank Kristen and Joel for letting us be a part of their special day!