Debbie and Jeff Married!-North Webster Indiana Wedding Photographer

Debbie and Jeff married in North Webster, Indiana

Debbie and Jeff were married at their church in North Webster, Indiana on a wet and snowy day in early April. The day started out a little gray, but we didn’t really expect the snow. Debbie’s beautiful dress was accented by her veil, with “love” written on it. The ceremony was followed by a punch and cake reception in the church hall. Surprise guest Darth Vader showed up to have a light saber battle with Jeff. Our groom of course won the battle!

After cake and the shoe game, we headed to Oakwood Resort in Syracuse for pictures. We could only do a few outside thanks to the strong winds. We found a few choice spots throughout the resort, and stopped in the restaurant for a drink. We then headed to the convention center for dinner and dancing.

Thank you, Jeff and Debbie, for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!


Diana and Thomas Married at Parkview Field-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Diana and Thomas married at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne!

What a fun time we had at this wedding and reception! Diana and Tom had a Star Wars/Lego theme. The biggest surprise was the ring bearer! Tom and only a few select people knew that R2D2 was bringing in the rings, and Diana and the minister were both shocked. Parkview field (home of the TinCaps) was a great place for a wedding. The stadium has some great views with the city in the background. We managed to take photos outside before the rain started.

The wedding was held in the event center. Then everyone crossed over to the main area for the reception. The reception was decorated in a Lego theme, with displays all around the room. The cake was awesome! It appeared to be under construction with Lego blocks and characters. Dinner, dancing and the shoe game rounded out the night.

Thank you, Diana and Tom for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day.

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Amy and Rob Married! Elkhart Indiana Wedding Photographer

Amy and Rob Married in Elkhart, Twice!

Our first wedding of the year happened twice! That’s because Amy and Rob wanted their wedding anniversary to be on January 6. They had a civil ceremony at the courthouse with close family in attendance.

On January 9 they had the big ceremony and reception at the Athenian Ballroom in Elkhart. The hall was decorated in a Hawaiian theme and was carried out in the decorations, complete with leis for all the guests. The palm trees and flowers on the cake were perfect! Festivities included a conga line and the Limbo! Our hosts included a game table and coloring books and games at each table.

Thank you Amy and Rob for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special days! Best wishes and Congratulations!



Katelynn and Stephen Married in Plymouth, Indiana

The Conservation Clubhouse in Plymouth was a lovely place for a winter themed wedding.  They decorated with Christmas trees, lights and greenery for a festive event.  The pine branches made the whole place smell wonderful!  Our bride and groom held their ceremony upstairs with friends and family in attendance.  Dinner was served downstairs, then back upstairs for dancing and events.

We’d like to thank Katelynn and Stephen for choosing White Tiger Photographic to photograph their special day.  Best wishes and congratulations!



Amanda and Teodulo Married!-Fowler Indiana Wedding Photographer

Amanda and Teodulo Married in Fowler Indiana

Time zones were a little tricky for this wedding day. Fowler is right at the border between Central and Eastern Time Zones, so some guests showed up an hour early. It all worked out though! Amanda looked lovely in her fit and flare gown, and Teo was very handsome in his black tuxedo. After the ceremony we headed to downtown to do photos in front of the courthouse and on the brick street. The reception was held at the Jasper County Fairgrounds.

Thank you, Amanda and Teodulo for choosing White Tiger Photographic! Best Wishes and Congratulations!