Christy and Brian Married-Portage Indiana Wedding Photographer

Christy and Brian Married in Portage Indiana

We started our day with Brian and Christy at the Deep River Park to do group photos.  Their bridal party consisted of family, so when the baby fell asleep in the car, one of us stayed with him while the other took the group shots.  This family was great to work with.

The ceremony and reception were at the Woodland Park in Portage, Indiana.  As the Christy’s father handed her to Brian, he said, “Good luck!”  The ceremony was a joyful occasion with frequent laughter.

This day also happened to be Christy’s nephew’s 15th birthday.  He thought everyone had forgotten, until they had a special birthday cake for him at the reception.

Thank you, Christy and Brian for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!

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