Debbie and Jeff Married!-North Webster Indiana Wedding Photographer

Debbie and Jeff married in North Webster, Indiana

Debbie and Jeff were married at their church in North Webster, Indiana on a wet and snowy day in early April. The day started out a little gray, but we didn’t really expect the snow. Debbie’s beautiful dress was accented by her veil, with “love” written on it. The ceremony was followed by a punch and cake reception in the church hall. Surprise guest Darth Vader showed up to have a light saber battle with Jeff. Our groom of course won the battle!

After cake and the shoe game, we headed to Oakwood Resort in Syracuse for pictures. We could only do a few outside thanks to the strong winds. We found a few choice spots throughout the resort, and stopped in the restaurant for a drink. We then headed to the convention center for dinner and dancing.

Thank you, Jeff and Debbie, for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!


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