Kristen and Joel Married-Markle Indiana Wedding Photographer

Markle Indiana is a lovely little town and was perfect for the wedding of Kristen and Joel. The ceremony was in their church downtown. The girls dressed downstairs in the youth room. Kristen’s mom helped her get ready. Their wedding party included their siblings and children. Daughter Desi was a lovely Junior Bridesmaid. Son Cole was handsome as a Junior Groomsman and son Travis adorable as Ring Bearer.

After the wedding everyone gathered a few blocks down the street for the reception. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate. While we had the usual events like dancing and cake cutting, this couple threw in a new twist! Actually, it was an old German tradition called Sie Leben Hoch. Leben hoch means toasting the couple with honor and esteem. The bride and groom sit in chairs in the middle of the dance floor. The first part of the toast is performed just before midnight for the Bride and Groom. The leader reads the saying and the guests respond with “Hoch”! Then the bride removes her veil and the groom removes his boutonniere. They are then given special hats to wear, see photo below! Then they are Husband and Wife and the second part of the toast is given. They are then hoisted in the air, in their chairs, and walked through the hall to the bar. This was a fun and different event for the wedding!

We would like to thank Kristen and Joel for letting us be a part of their special day!



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