Lauren and Ryan Married!-Dyer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lauren and Ryan Married in Dyer Indiana

The first time Lauren and Ryan met was a few years ago at his Junior Prom.  They went their separate ways, only to meet up again two years ago while working as EMTs.  Their backyard wedding included their daughter, Ella Mae, as flower girl and Lauren’s nephew, Blue, as ring bearer.  Lauren and her girls prepared for the wedding at the house.  Her dress had a lace jacket that had to be sewn closed in the back.  After the ceremony, she had to be cut back out of the jacket!

As he walked down the hill to the ceremony, Blue had a bit of fun shaking the ring box.  When it was time to exchange the rings, the box was empty!  So we had a little delay while a couple people looked for the rings in the grass.  Luckily they were found and the ceremony continued.

Ryan is in the Army and is preparing to deploy soon, so their honeymoon will be delayed until he returns.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan, Lauren and their family as he serves his country.  Safe travels and return.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Lauren and Ryan!

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