Notre Dame Versus University of Michigan-Indiana Sports Photographer

With the heat of summer in full swing I thought I’d post a Hockey game we photographed last season! I for one can’t wait for the season to start!

130209-NODA-MICH001 130209-NODA-MICH002 130209-NODA-MICH003 130209-NODA-MICH004 130209-NODA-MICH005 130209-NODA-MICH006 130209-NODA-MICH007 130209-NODA-MICH008 130209-NODA-MICH009 130209-NODA-MICH010 130209-NODA-MICH011 130209-NODA-MICH012 130209-NODA-MICH013 130209-NODA-MICH014 130209-NODA-MICH015 130209-NODA-MICH016 130209-NODA-MICH017 130209-NODA-MICH018 130209-NODA-MICH019 130209-NODA-MICH020 130209-NODA-MICH021 130209-NODA-MICH022

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