Dessa and Zach Married-Greentown Indiana Wedding Photographer


It was a very difficult month leading up to their wedding, but Dessa and Zach and their family and friends united together to celebrate their love on a sunny day in July.

Dessa and her bridesmaids met at her Grandparents’ house to get ready. We took pictures on their front porch and in the yard. Dessa’s Grandmother surprised them with a limo to transport them all to the wedding venue.

The venue was a lovely round barn on the fairgrounds. Family and friends watched as our couple said their vows and committed their lives to each other. Instead of a Unity Candle, they had had a Unity Cross to symbolize the joining of them and their families.

After the ceremony the reception was held in a building at the fairgrounds. Guest gathered together to celebrate with the happy couple.

We are so honored to have been a part of Dessa and Zach’s wedding day. Best wishes to this wonderful couple!



Samantha and Matthew Married-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding photographer

We joined Samantha and Matthew at Northpointe Community Church in Fort Wayne. While the girls were getting ready, the guys enjoyed a relaxing game of cards! The lovely ceremony was attended by family and friends. After we finished with pictures, we joined the attendees at Shiloh for the reception.

Congratulations and best wishes to this wonderful couple!


Stone and Shannon Married! Albion Indiana Wedding Photographer

A cousin of Shannon’s father bought the old Augusta Hills Golf Course outside of Albion IN. He turned it into a private weekend getaway complete with club house, barn and pond. Shannon and her attendants dressed in the club house then gave half of it to Stone and his guys to get dressed.

Family and friends all looked on as the wedding party descended the hill to the arbor set up at the pond for the ceremony. Then we did photos at the pond and around the club house and property while the guests started the reception in the tent and barn.

This was an awesome location for a wedding. Kiana and Lynda enjoyed spending time with Shannon and Stone on their special day. Congratulations and best wishes, Shannon & Sone!


Brooke and Josh Engaged-Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

Brooke and Josh met with Michelle and Lynda outside the ice cream shop in Winona Lake, Indiana. We denied the ice cream urge and walked around the village area. There is a lovely gazebo area in the middle of the shops with benches where we began our session. Then we crossed over to the park and used the fountain as a beautiful backdrop. Luckily our couple didn’t mind laying on the ground, which is something we photographers seem to do often!

Brooke had a few poses in mind and we also let the moments inspire us. Engagement sessions are included in our wedding package and we enjoy them. They are a way for us to get to know our couple a little better. This couple was fun and happy to do or try just about any pose we or they thought of. We look forward to seeing them again in June for their Fort Wayne wedding.


Ally and Tony Married!-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer


Ally and Tony were married at the Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne Indiana. What a gorgeous venue! The classic features of this theater enhanced the ceremony and reception. The groom waited for his bride on the landing of the sweeping stairway. Ally walked down the aisle with her father and up the stairs to join Tony. They performed their own twist on the sand ceremony by pouring their sand into an hour glass.

The Maid-of-Honor presented them with a box to hold their love letters to each other. The Calla Lilies and other lilies in the flower arrangements smelled wonderful! There were a lot of family touches in the decorations. Grandmother, mothers and the bride all had a hand in decorating.

Congratulations, Ally & Tony and Best Wishes for your future together!

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