Sarai’s Quinceanera – Fort Wayne Indiana Photogrpaher

Sarai’s Quinceanera  in Fort Wayne

Sarai turned 15 in July with a traditional Quinceanera.  We had a photo session in June at the Foster Park Bridal Glen in Fort Wayne.  They used some of those photos for her party at the IPFW Ballroom.

Her father, Sergio, is the Pastor of their church, the Simpson United Methodist Church, where the ceremony was held.  One of her sisters translated the Spanish ceremony into English as her father spoke.  Her mother, Janie said a blessing for her.  One of her grandmothers said a blessing and her other grandmother sang a song.  During the ceremony she was given gifts of a bible, watch, ring, prayer pillow, crown and a doll.  Each item symbolized her relationship with God and the transition from girl to woman.

After the ceremony, we went to an apartment building where one of her sisters lives to take photos.  They have an awesome view of downtown Fort Wayne.  At the ballroom, each of her court couples were introduced with their own song and dance, then performed a group dance.  After dinner, Sarai’s parents presented her with her first pair of high heels, and took away the flat shoes of her childhood.  She waltzed with her father. Then they did a special dance to My Girl, and were joined by three other gentleman who ended up blocking her boyfriend!

What a wonderful day topped off by a wonderful party!  Thank you for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture this momentous occasion!

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