Taylor and Cody Married!-Syracuse Indiana Wedding Photographer

Taylor and Cody Married in Syracuse, Indiana

Taylor has been a friend and former employee for many years, so we were honored and excited to photograph her wedding to Cody!  They chose the Hilltop at Oakwood Resort in Syracuse for their all inclusive venue.  The wedding party spent the night at the resort, then got ready there in the morning.  Cody and Taylor gifted their attendants with personalized flasks, which came in handy as the day went progressed!

Cody’s mom helped his brother with his vest, which needed major tightening!  We used the outdoor stairs for a the “don’t let him see me” photo session.  Cody was very good at keeping his eyes averted so Taylor could get in position behind him.  After their pre-ceremony photos, the guys needed to move away from the area so Taylor could come outside for photos. And what do you do while waiting, why play “Pokemon Go!” of course!  And we had some fun around the sign the venue had for the wedding.

After the ceremony we went to the wooded area and did group photos, then took the bridal party on a golf cart tour of the grounds.  We stopped at the chapel and then headed to the lake.  Our group braved the wobbly pier to go to the landing for some photos.  We even talked them into doing the “Toyota Jump”!  Then to the lakefront gazebo, which was a convenient stop to refill flasks!  Once we were done, we headed back to the Hilltop facility for the reception festivities, including the “Shoe game”, emotional and funny toasts, cake smashing, tosses and dancing!

Thank you, Taylor and Cody for letting us be a part of your special day!

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