A Trash The Dress Session! Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

These Trash The Dress Sessions, or day after sessions, are becoming more and more popular in recent months. They give the bride and groom another chance to get all dressed up and take some romantic and fun photos after the wedding day and without all the pressure. For this one we traveled to the Indiana Dunes State Park for some fun in the sand and water!

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2 thoughts on “A Trash The Dress Session! Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

  1. I had so much fun doing this shoot with Eric and Lynda!!! It was very laid back, unlike my wedding day, and I really got to enjoy it without feeling rushed. The best part was that there wasn’t a ton of family and guests there to pressure me into getting posed pictures up at the altar with Aunt Sally and my 2nd cousin’s twice removed and so forth…… I honestly feel that these pictures are more indicative of my personality than my wedding pictures!
    I would recommend a trash the dress photo shoot to any bride!! How often do you get to wear that dress?? Even if you don’t get it muddy, or wet, you can still take great shots in the woods or elsewhere. My dress was more trashed at my wedding than it got at this shoot. At my wedding, my train ripped and beer was spilled down the front. After the shoot my dress dried and looked good as new- better actually because that beer stain that was down the front was washed off!!
    Only now am I comfortable with preserving my dress in a box that will sit in the attic. I have great pictures to show my friends, and one day my daughter, who I want to have her own dress and own wedding memories, that include finding, and wearing, (and maybe I can talk her into trashing) that special gown.

    Thanks again Eric & Lynda! You guys ROCK!!!
    (Sorry for the lengthy reply. Call it a “testimonial” )

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