Anna and Kieran Married!-Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

What a fun day!  Anna and Kieran made sure everyone at their wedding had fun.  The groomsmen all wore super hero t-shirts under their tuxes. During formal group pictures our groups acting anything but formal!  They were funny and willing to do any crazy thing we could have thought of! It was nice being at a church we know so well, and to work with an old friend as the church coordinator.

  12 Scrabble games gave up their tiles for decorations at the reception.  The cake and tables were decorated with tiles spelling out meaningful words and phrases.  Besides the DJ, there was a roaming troubadour as entertainment at the reception.
  We would like to wish this fun and happy couple the best of futures!
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  1. What beautiful pictures! Absolutely superb quality. Thanks for putting up with our “fun”!

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