Melissa and Josh – A Beach Shoot

Melissa and Josh were married in a casual ceremony at the courthouse.  They wanted to do a photoshoot at the beach in Michigan City.  This was Josh’s first look at Melissa in her beautiful wedding dress.  Some of their family met us there too.

It was a bright Summer day and the weather was perfect for a trip to the beach.  They brought along a photo of Grandmother to share the day.

Thanks, Melissa and Josh for choosing White Tiger Photographic!


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This Bride Doesn’t Run! Warsaw Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lynda and I did another Trash the Dress recently, and this one added a concept we had been itching to try! This Bride bought the heat! I’ll shut-up now and let the photos Make My Day!

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A Fall Trash The Dress Session! South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

I’m a bit behind on my blogging lately but I really want to share this session with everyone! Lynda and I decided that since Potato Creek State Park in South Bend, Indiana was such a special place for this couple it would make the perfect spot for a Rock The Dress Session.  The morning of the shoot was gray and rainy but our Bride and Groom were real sports and we had an amazing day. We hope everyone enjoys!

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Rocking the Dress! Warsaw Indiana Trash the Dress Photographer

Lynda and I had been wanting to shot a Trash The Dress session over at the Light House In Michigan City for quite a while, so when this lovely young couple decided that was also the spot they wanted, we were super excited!

Thanks Again guys it was a wonderful day!


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A special Bridal Portrait Session! Laporte, Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lynda and I traveled to St. Louis Missouri at the beginning of May for one of our Trash the Dress Sessions. We actually did this one before the wedding with a dress Brienne bought just for the occasion.  Lynda and I love these sessions as they really give us time to capture some wonderful portraits of our couples without the time constraints and the pressure of the Wedding Day! We photographed the wedding this past weekend so stay tuned for even more from this wonderful family!!

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