Matt and Leah’s Wedding Photography!

Lynda and I traveled to Yorktown Indiana for this wonderful wedding. I can’t describe how wonderful these two are together and we sincerely hope our photography in some way will convey the love this couple share. Leah and Matt will be setteling down in Lexington Kentucky and Lynda and I are looking forward to a trash the dress session with this wonderful bride and groom.

Thanks again for your trust in us to photograph your special day Matt and Leah, It means so much to us!

Lynda and Eric.

Click on any photograph below to enlarge and start the slide show:

1 thought on “Matt and Leah’s Wedding Photography!

  1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures of Matt and Leah’s wedding. You did a great job of capturing their personalities! We are eternally grateful to you and thank you for your wonderful photography.

    Chris Smith (Leah’s mom)

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