Megan and Daniel Married – Valparaiso Indiana Wedding Photography

Megan and Dan had some obstacles on their path to wedded bliss. First, there was a blizzard the first time Dan was going to propose. Then they had to move their wedding plans around a bit due their first venue burning down and then due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They chose a beautiful September day, which just happened to be the birthday of their new rescue dog, Dixie.  So of course, we had to start the day off with a canine friendly cake and birthday party.

We went to the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve for their First Look. Dan and his Best Man, Dave, arrived first so we did some photos with the guys while we waited. We mentioned to Dan that a groom should have some expression when he first sees his bride, so he did some practice looks! He really didn’t need to practice, because his expression was perfect when he saw Megan. We would like to thank both Dan (Marines) and Dave (Navy) for their service to our country.

Dan wanted a Chicago Bears themed wedding, but Megan said no, but her garter was in the Bears’ colors!  As her something old, she attached her grandmother’s pearls to bobby pins for her hair. She also wore a bow made with some of the pearls, because Dan likes her hair with a bow.

We then went to the Ogden Gardens in Valpo for the ceremony. The bridal party included their nephew as ring bearer and a “flower guy”.  During his vows, Dan said he would share his fries with Megan.  He had called her dad and told him that he would not be able to marry Megan because she kept stealing his fries.  Her dad said he would miss Megan very much!

The reception dinner was held at the restaurant Dish in Valparaiso. The “flower guy” also runs a bakery, so he surprised the couple with a gluten free cake, as well as providing the other desserts. After dinner, a party was held at a friend’s house, complete with a surprise bubble machine during their first dance.

Congratulations, Dan and Megan! Thank you for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!

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