Our Perspective on Bridal Shows From Behind the Lens!

Observations Through Our Lens

Hello.  This is Lynda.  I am owner, along with my husband Eric, of White Tiger Enterprises.  If you are reading this, you are probably a bride, groom or parent of one of them.  Congratulations!  I have made some observations in the past decade of wedding photography that may help as you plan and enjoy your special day.  Please note:  These are my personal opinions, observations, helpful tips. My husband may or may not agree with them!  They may be taken with a grain of salt or a shot of whatever makes you happy.  

Observation One – Bridal Shows!

I am writing this in January 2019, so Happy New Year!  And welcome to Bridal Show Season!  Yes, there is a season for bridal shows, just like there is a wedding season.  Well, for us anyway!  Let me just say, I love bridal shows!  I think they are fun, exciting and a great way for brides to meet vendors.  And we get free cake!  Here are a few suggestions to maximize your experience. 

First, stop at every booth.  You just never know what you might learn.  Shows have booths for insurance, caterers, makeup, DJs, invitations and just about everything you need to plan your day.  Already have a DJ?  Doesn’t hurt to talk to another one, just to see their approach to managing your day.  Maybe they will give you an idea to talk to your DJ about.  And, take the free stuff!  If they are giving it away, take it.  

Second, plan on signing with vendors.  Or at least making an appointment.  If they have a show discount, take advantage of it.  If they have a drawing, sign up.  You could save hundreds of dollars this way.  Be sure to have your credit card, cash or checkbook handy for deposits.  If you want a quieter time to talk with a vendor, wait for the fashion show!

Third, don’t sign with the first vendor you talk to.  If you are looking for a photographer, visit each of them.  Compare what they offer.  Then decide which one best meets your needs.  Same with any vendor category.  Most shows have seating around the fashion show stage, sit there and review literature.  Then go back and talk to the vendors.  Look at what they offer, check out their website, ask questions!

Fourth, as you go through booths, take a picture of the signage of vendors you want to remember.  This will help you find them again when you want to revisit them, or when you are home and want to visit their website or give them a call.

Thanks for reading my first Observations Through Our Lens.  Hope it was helpful.  Let me know by leaving a comment.  I have a few more ideas of things to write about, such as “What is the secret about your dress that the dress shop hasn’t told you?” or “Help in scheduling your wedding day” or “Why do I care about what brand of camera the photographer uses?  And other silly questions listed in the bridal planner books”.  If you have a question or suggestion, let me know, otherwise I will just make it up myself.  

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