Kristianna and Zack’s Wedding Photography

Lynda and I were in Muncie for this one at the Minnetrista. Zack and Kristianna were a fun loving couple who had a very elegant wedding at the former home of one of the Ball Brothers, the beautiful gardens provided such a lovely backdrop for the couples special day.

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Paintball and Engagement Photography?

Catrina and Joshua, started dating in high school where Joshua originally asked her to marry him. Catrina turned him down and fast forward a few years, they started dating again and this time she said yes!  Joshua and Catrina are going to be married at a movie theatre in Lafayette Indiana. The engagement photos were shot with the idea that we will be turning them in to movie posters to be displayed on the day of the wedding. Watch the blog and we will post the final posters here!

Thanks again guys for choosing us to be a part of your special day Lynda and I are grateful.

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Erynn and Randy’s Wedding Photography!

Erynn and Randy were married July 10th in Grand Rapids with the ceremony being held at Aquinas College. Lynda and I hope the images below, in some small way convey the love and mutual respect these two have for each other. I have a feeling there are great things ahead for these two especially with the incredible family support that Lynda and I witnessed this day.

Lynda and I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to working with your family and you over and over again!

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Laura and Davis Engagement Session

Laura and Davis are high school sweethearts from Goshen Indiana. They are planning a wedding for New Years Eve and brought their dog Skittles along for the engagement photography. This session was photographed at The Old Bag Factory also in Goshen and the river park where Davis actually proposed!

Lynda and I are looking forward to this wedding and along with the couple are hoping for a snowstorm!

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Katie and Aaron’s Wedding and Engagement Photography

Katie and Aaron were married on June 19th 2010 in Winona Lake, Indiana and held their reception at Noa Noa in Warsaw, Indiana. This wedding happened to occur on my Birthday and Lynda and I wanted to again thank the couple for the wonderful birthday card and thoughts!!

Starting with this post I’m going to start including some if the engagement shots along with some of our favorite wedding images.

The Photos!

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