Tia and Wyatt Married Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

The Goeglein Homestead is such a beautiful place for a wedding. The Garden Grove has a lovely cedar arbor and willow trees. Even on a hot summer day it is beautiful. The upstairs room has plenty of space for a bride to get ready for her special day. Tia and her girls used the space and stayed cool before the wedding. The guys hung out in the parking lot and stairwell as they were waiting. We did some silly and some formal shots with Wyatt and his guys at the Grove.

Our couple grew up across the street from each other. The first time they talked, was through a fence. They were High School Sweethearts. They were on a vacation, climbing a mountain, when Wyatt proposed. Wyatt put together a video of their hike to show at the reception.

Thanks Tia and Wyatt for choosing White Tiger Photographic. Best Wishes!


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