Yenly and Fred Married-Anderson Indiana Wedding Photographer

Yenly and Fred married in Anderson IN

Fred and Yenly were married at the Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana. This was their third ceremony. Yenly had been living in Canada working on her PhD. On a trip to the states to visit Fred, they were married in a church ceremony in Ohio, then at the county courthouse.

This ceremony included all their family and friends. Yenly is from Columbia and her her brother and his family came to the wedding. Her brother walked her down the aisle. The service was bilingual, with an interpreter repeating the words in Spanish. It was a very warm and muggy day, and one of the videographers passed out during the ceremony. She was okay after she had some water and cooled down. After the ceremony, Fred and Yenly danced down the aisle!

Yenly had a lot of ideas for photos and the park was a wonderful location. There was a bit of a breeze outside so that helped. There was a wooden bridge that led down the side of the hill into the woods. We used the bridge and the woods for photos.

Thank you, Yenly and Fred for choosing White Tiger Photographic to share your final wedding day!


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