Tiffany and Blake Married!- Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

Tiffany and Blake Married in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Tiffany and Blake met on a blind date in high school.  They have been together for six years.  Tiffany is an avid runner and works at a running store.  Blake is going to school for criminal justice and hopes to join the Fort Wayne police force.

They chose Dupont Downs as their venue because it is a beautiful facility and they could do the wedding ceremony and reception in one place.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  Tiffany and her girls got ready in one room upstairs and Blake and his guys in another area.  The videographer had the bridesmaids toss flower petals in the air to rain down on Tiffany.  It turned out pretty cute!

We did a first look outside on the wrap around porch.  We had Blake’s groomsmen stand in front of him, and the bridesmaids and flower girls stand in front of them.  As Tiffany walked towards Blake the bridesmaids and groomsmen parted until Blake could see his lovely bride.

Dinner was actually breakfast foods such as bacon and pancakes.  The traditional wedding cake was replaced by a large stack of pancakes! They poured syrup over the stack then fed each other some pancakes. Their first dance was choregraphed and Tiffany needed to change into a short dress in order to dance.

Best Wishes and Congratulations to Blake and Tiffany from White Tiger Photographic!

Kourtney and Ryan Married!-Rochester Indiana Wedding Photographer

Kourtney and Ryan Married in Rochester Indiana

We did engagement photos with Ryan and Kourtney and their three year old son in August. We were excited to see them again in October for their wedding day!

Kourtney and Ryan were married at their church in Rochester Indiana. Their Ring Security kept the wedding bands safe and sound.

After the ceremony we did group photos then headed to the Elks Club for the reception. Kourtney had an “exploding” bouquet for her toss. There were several single roses loosely tied together into a bouquet and they came apart when she tossed it, so several ladies got a flower.

Thanks Ryan and Kourtney for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!


Melissa and Adam Married-Hobart Indiana Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Adam married in Hobart Indiana

Melissa and Adam chose the Ambassador Banquet hall for their wedding and reception.  Adam is a tattoo artist and Melissa is a pediatric dental assistant.  They have been together for seven years and live outside Hobart, Indiana.  They have one son, Alden, five-years old.

Melissa and Adam chose a Beauty and The Beast theme for their wedding.  Melissa’s ballroom style dress fit the theme perfectly.  Before the ceremony, her dad presented her with a special necklace.  Along with her dad Paul, Alden walked Melissa down the aisle, .  Her dad co-officiated the ceremony.  Alden participated in the sand ceremony with his parents.  After the ceremony, Alden started crying because he wanted to marry mommy too!

After the ceremony we went to the Deep River Park to do group and family photos. We made a stop at the nursing home to visit Adam’s grandmother who was unable to attend the festivities.  Then back to the Ambassador Banquet hall for the reception.  Their Beauty and the Beast theme permeated the reception hall with candelabras and roses under glass jars. The cake table and head table had Beauty and the Beast memorabilia also.

Thank you, Melissa and Adam for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!

Dana and Kevin Married-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

An Outdoor Wedding in September!

Dana and Kevin picked a beautiful day for their outdoor wedding in New Haven Indiana.  Their choice of vibrant fall colors was perfect for their day.  We had some fun reworking the colors in our editing program, but the real life colors were bright and perfect for their day.

Dana and Kevin met through Dana’s cousin, who is married to Kevin’s brother.  They are all Fort Wayne Komet hockey fans.  Dana’s cousin invited her to go with them to the games and she met Kevin.  They are now season ticket holders!

During the Anniversary Dance we learned that Dana’s grandparents have been married for 64 years.  Kevin’s parents have been married for 39 years and now share their anniversary with Kevin and Dana!

Best Wishes and Congratulations to Dana and Kevin!


Lauren and Ryan Married!-Dyer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lauren and Ryan Married in Dyer Indiana

The first time Lauren and Ryan met was a few years ago at his Junior Prom.  They went their separate ways, only to meet up again two years ago while working as EMTs.  Their backyard wedding included their daughter, Ella Mae, as flower girl and Lauren’s nephew, Blue, as ring bearer.  Lauren and her girls prepared for the wedding at the house.  Her dress had a lace jacket that had to be sewn closed in the back.  After the ceremony, she had to be cut back out of the jacket!

As he walked down the hill to the ceremony, Blue had a bit of fun shaking the ring box.  When it was time to exchange the rings, the box was empty!  So we had a little delay while a couple people looked for the rings in the grass.  Luckily they were found and the ceremony continued.

Ryan is in the Army and is preparing to deploy soon, so their honeymoon will be delayed until he returns.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan, Lauren and their family as he serves his country.  Safe travels and return.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Lauren and Ryan!