Lauren and Ryan Married!-Dyer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Lauren and Ryan Married in Dyer Indiana

The first time Lauren and Ryan met was a few years ago at his Junior Prom.  They went their separate ways, only to meet up again two years ago while working as EMTs.  Their backyard wedding included their daughter, Ella Mae, as flower girl and Lauren’s nephew, Blue, as ring bearer.  Lauren and her girls prepared for the wedding at the house.  Her dress had a lace jacket that had to be sewn closed in the back.  After the ceremony, she had to be cut back out of the jacket!

As he walked down the hill to the ceremony, Blue had a bit of fun shaking the ring box.  When it was time to exchange the rings, the box was empty!  So we had a little delay while a couple people looked for the rings in the grass.  Luckily they were found and the ceremony continued.

Ryan is in the Army and is preparing to deploy soon, so their honeymoon will be delayed until he returns.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan, Lauren and their family as he serves his country.  Safe travels and return.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Lauren and Ryan!

Kaitlin and Austin Engaged-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Kaitlin and Austin Engagement at Notre Dame, Indiana

Kaitlin’s mom has worked at Notre Dame University in South Bend for over 30 years.  Kaitlin grew up on campus, so it was only fitting to do their engagement session there.   It is nice to have connections, as we were able to use a golf cart to move around campus!

Austin and Kaitlin met during high school  band and have been together over seven years.  Now she is a case manager for Real Services and he is a graphic designer/photographer for a car dealership.  They are fans of the Avengers, so Iron Man and Captain America were instrumental in our session.  Also, Beauty and the Beast has played a big role in Kaitlin’s life.  Mom watched the movie while in labor with her, so the movie is a favorite!

Kaitlin’s ring was her grandmother’s.  We will be seeing them again in April!

Megan and Robbie Engaged-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Megan and Robbie Engaged in Fort Wayne

Robbie and Megan grew up going to the same church.  Nine years ago they started dating, and will be married in May at that same church.  They chose May because they didn’t want any chance of snow on their wedding day.  Cannot blame them for that!

Megan chose to meet near Lawton Park in Fort Wayne.  We walked around the old fort, Megan’s aunt used to coordinate the costumes for the actors when they had reenactments.   From there we crossed the bridge to Headwaters Park and downtown.

We look forward to seeing the lovely couple again in May!

Terry and Megan Are Having a Baby!-Fort Wayne Indiana Photographer

Terry and Megan Are Having a Baby!

We love it when our wedding couples come back to us to celebrate milestones in their life.  And celebrating a new baby is the very best of those milestones!

We went to Foster Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Foster Park was where Megan and Terry were married last year, so the Bridal Glen and surrounding gardens were the perfect place for celebrating the new life they have created.

Megan and Terry expect to welcome baby Naomi November 15.  We can’t wait to meet her!

Hailey and Kayla Married!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Hailey and Kayla Married in South Bend

Emotions ran high as Kayla and Hailey were married at the Isaac Walton League.  The day was perfect, the weather cooperated for a  lovely outdoor ceremony.  Their parents, family and friends looked on as the two young women exchanged vows and performed a sand ceremony into an hourglass.

After the ceremony the location provided a lovely background for group photos.  We always love a cake smash and Kayla and Hailey did a great job!

Best Wishes and Congratulations!  Thank you for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day.