Cailin-Warsaw High class of 16!

Cailin’s a Senior!  Warsaw Indiana

It is hard for us to believe that Cailin is a high school senior!  Her brother Sam is best friends with our son Trevor, so we have known the family for a long time.

Cailin wanted to do some photos in the woods and some in town.  We went to the trails in Winona Lake, Indiana.  Changing clothes in the middle of the bike trail poses a special problem for girls but she managed!  Then we went into Warsaw and shot some photos around the courthouse and in the alleyways.

Best wishes, Cailin!

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Elizabeth and Omar Engaged!-South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Elizabeth and Omar engaged in South Bend

We had to reschedule our session a time or two, but we finally got a beautiful day. The Shiojiri Garden in South Bend is where we met with Elizabeth and Omar for their engagement shoot.

They have family coming in from Dallas for the wedding, most of Omar’s family who Elizabeth has yet to meet.

Thanks for choosing White Tiger Photographic!

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Amber and Jared Engaged-Topeka Indiana Wedding Photographer

Amber and Jared Engagement in Winona Lake Indiana

We walked with Amber and Jared around the park in Winona Lake, Indiana for their engagement session.  They brought their sweet dog for some of the photos.  He did a wonderful job of posing!

The fountains and outdoor amphitheater are great places for photos.  The rocks at the edge of the lake were a perfect spot also.

Thank you Amber and Jared for choosing White Tiger Photographic!

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Terry and Megan Engaged!-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Terry and Megan Engagement

Megan and Terry plan to have their wedding at Foster Park in Fort Wayne.  They wanted to do their engagement shoot at a different park in Fort Wayne so we went to Headwaters Park.

The old fort and other elements of the park were great backgrounds for our photos.

We look forward to seeing Terry and Megan again at their wedding!

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Chrissy and Devin Engaged!-Chesterton Indiana Wedding Photographer

Chrissy and Devin engaged.

Chrissy and Devin went to high school together but they didn’t date then.  A few years later, they are engaged!  We met at the Coffee Creek Watershed. The trails with bridges and fountains are a beautiful place for pictures.

We will be shooting their wedding in just a couple weeks.  Thanks for choosing White Tiger Photographic!

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