Cassie and Troy Engaged!-Goshen Indiana Wedding Photographer

Cassie and Troy Engaged in Goshen Indiana

Cassie and Troy attended the same high school, but did not date until after they had graduated.  One of their first dates was on a local bridge, where they jumped into the river!  They dated for about seven years and then Troy popped the question one winter day.  He took her to that bridge and asked her to marry him.   We went to the bridge to continue our session, and noticed the sign that said “No Jumping!”  They said it was a popular spot for cooling off in the river!

Then we travelled to the Old Bag Factory.  The factory has been converted to shops and restaurants.  The shops and stairs are a lovely place for photos.

We look forward to seeing this couple at their wedding this October!

Katie and Josh Married-Fort Wayne Indiana Wedding Photographer

Katherine and Joshua Married in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Katie and Josh chose the Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne for their wedding and reception.  They had such a perfect day for an outdoor wedding on the Garden Terrace.  Katie’s aunt obtained a special judgeship to perform the wedding ceremony.  The different environments setup in and around the building offer differing backgrounds for photos.  We also wandered next door to the Embassy Theater for a few shots!

The reception was held under a tent on the terrace.  Dinner, dances and special bride/groom games made for a wonderful experience.

It means so much to us to be able to photograph weddings of people we know!  Josh and Katie went to school with our daughter Bryanna.  Eric used to work with Josh’s dad.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Katie and Josh!

Christy and Brian Married-Portage Indiana Wedding Photographer

Christy and Brian Married in Portage Indiana

We started our day with Brian and Christy at the Deep River Park to do group photos.  Their bridal party consisted of family, so when the baby fell asleep in the car, one of us stayed with him while the other took the group shots.  This family was great to work with.

The ceremony and reception were at the Woodland Park in Portage, Indiana.  As the Christy’s father handed her to Brian, he said, “Good luck!”  The ceremony was a joyful occasion with frequent laughter.

This day also happened to be Christy’s nephew’s 15th birthday.  He thought everyone had forgotten, until they had a special birthday cake for him at the reception.

Thank you, Christy and Brian for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!

Kari and Timothy Married! -Valparaiso Indiana Wedding Photographer

Kari and Timothy Married in Valparaiso, Indiana

Kari and Timothy chose the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University for their wedding ceremony.  With no air conditioning, the chapel was a might warm on this June Saturday, but the service was lovely.  There was a little glitch when the mom realized she forgot the ring at home, but retrieved it in plenty of time.  Kari’s blush colored gown and cathedral length veil were gorgeous.

The Sand Creek Country Club was the perfect reception venue for this golf loving couple.  The course provided us with weeping willows and bridges as locations for photos.  Beautiful floral arrangements decorated the reception.  And, we have to say, their cake was one of the best we have ever had!

Thank you, Timothy and Kari for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day.  Best Wishes and Congratulations!

Stephanie and Justin Married! – South Bend Indiana Wedding Photographer

Stephanie and Justin Married in South Bend Indiana

Stephanie and Justin were married at Holy Family Church in South Bend Indiana.  Stephanie’s Grandfather helped to build the church so it has special meaning for the family.

The ceremony included Mexican and Jewish traditions.  Before the ceremony, Stephanie’s Grandmother and Mother both gave special blessings to her.  Per Mexican tradition, family friends were chosen as “Padrinos de Boda”, or godparents of the wedding.  During the ceremony, the godparents place a “lazo”, or rosary, around the bride and groom to symbolize their everlasting union.  It is also tradition for the bride to honor Mary, the Blessed Mother with a special bouquet and ask for her blessing.

At the end of the ceremony. in Jewish tradition, Justin stomped on a glass, symbolizing the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.  The  prayer goes, “May your bond of love be as difficult to break as it would be to put back together these pieces of glass.”  After the glass is broken, it is customary for people to say “Mazel Tav!”

Following the ceremony we took family photos at the church, then went to Battell Park for group photos.  Then on to St. Hedwig’s banquet hall for the reception.  A couple of surprises were in store, including a special Anniversary Dance for Stephanie’s parents, to their wedding song, “Unforgettable.”

Thank you, Justin and Stephanie for choosing White Tiger Photographic to capture your special day!  Best Wishes and Congratulations to you!